Truly ergonomic

Standard wrist rests don’t provide any significant ergonomic benefit and usually increase the risk by applying the pressure to the underside of the wrist and compressing the tissues.

Carpio was carefully designed (by physicians) to reinforce the pressure from the wrist to the palm (thenar and hypothenar part). It improves arm position by lifting the wrist for 1.2 cm and reduces the harmful extension.

It moves freely

Carpio does not hinder the user. It moves freely with the hand and it doesn’t cause additional stress for the wrist.

Quality materials

ABS base, silicone ergonomic pads and PTFE Teflon feet ensure optimal functionality of the product. Product is 100% made in EU.

Technical features

  • Standard colors: grey, black and white
  • Premium gift box: matt laminated, two-piece box
  • Lead time: 2-4 weeks after order and artwork confirmation
  • One box includes: 1x Carpio product, 1x instructions, 1x bag for storing
  • Dimensions and weight of one box: 11,50 cm x 7,5 cm x 2,8 cm; 81g
  • TARIC number: 39269099
  • Made in EU

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