What is Pipe 2?

Pipe 2 is uniquely shaped, high quality, vacuum insulated bottle, dresses in meaningful graphics.

It maintains liquid HOT for 12 hours and COLD for 24 hours.

It has double wall and it hold up to 550 ml.

It can be engraved or UV printed all around.


Customization features

Smaller quantities (fast delivery)

Engraving (one color)

110 mm high, all around

UV print (full color)

90 mm high, all around


Bigger quantities (2000+)

Full color graphic over the entire surface

Custom surface (gloss, mat, frozen …)

Delivery: upon request

Main features

High quality, 550 ml, stainless steel bottle.

Double wall (vacuum insulated).

Maintains liquid HOT (12h) and COLD (24h).

Leakproof lid.

Bottle width 74 mm, height 268 mm

and weight 480 g.

Individually packed in hard cardboard sleeve.

Unique shape and graphic designs.


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