Invented4 is a crowdsourcing platform that connects a community of idea owners and designers with companies interested in distribution and product development. It provides both support and the tools to fully develop inventive products from ideation to marketing. Take part in our process, help us innovate and make an impact. Your company can help evaluate the global market potential of inventive ideas or participate anywhere in the development and distribution phase.

Idea owners

Idea owners can submit their ideas at any stage of development.
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Test group

Assess the potential

Distribution and retail companies around the world are assessing market potential of product idea in their country.
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Idea warehouse

Registered companies can browse and buy IP of unrealized product ideas or simply request the development of an idea from Invented4.
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Development & Production

Invented4 organizes the development and production process.
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Invented4 presents a new product and organizes distribution through all sales channels. Become our partner and be informed about all new products.
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