What is Chipolo Card?

Chipolo Card is the thinnest (2.15mm thick) and loudest Bluetooth item finder. Simply connect it with a free app, put it in the wallet and you will be able to find it.

Chipolo Card’s simple and sleek water-resistant design makes it fit perfectly into any wallet without feeling bulky or disruptive. Its flat surface makes it ideal for tracking most of your valuable items such as passports, luggage tags, notebooks, wallets, ...

Searching for lost valuables has never been so easy. You can ring them just like you'd call a lost phone. If your Chipolo Card is within the Bluetooth range (200-foot or 60 meters) it will play a sound (95db) until you find it. If your lost item is out of range it can be easily found by Chipolo's global community. It works the other way as well, you just double press the Chipolo Card and your phone will start ringing.


You can find more details on www.chipolo.net

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Card features

  • Longer batery life (12 months)
  • Water resistant (IP5 standard)
  • Thinnest item finder in the world (only 2.15mm)
  • Loudest wallet finder (95 dB)
  • Works with iOS & Android phones
  • DoublePress & ring your phone
  • Chipolo Network (over 150 countries)

Personalization options

  • Full color sticker - It covers 50% of the product
  • Sleeve over original packaging
  • Customized premium packaging
  • Custom developed packaging
  • Custom logo in the App

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