What is PlantRay

PlantRay is a smart watering reminder for your plants. It will track the soil moisture of your plants and remind you when it’s time to water them. It will even show you just how much water is enough. PlantRay comes with 4 pre-set programs, so you can take care of all your different kinds of plants. Perfect for home plant decoration, amateur and professional gardeners.

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PlantRay features

  • Moisture sensor: monitors the soil’s moisture levels.
  • Smart notifications: changes colors based on the plant’s watering urgency levels.
  • Daytime Sound alarm (x dB): beeps only when the soil is extremely dry.
  • Motion and light detection: enhances notifications in your presence.
  • Day/night cycle adaptation: saves battery power during the night.
  • Synchronized notifications: enables you to take care of all your plants at the same time.
  • Battery: 1 year autonomy
  • Premium quality: Made in the EU.

Personalization options

  • Custom cap shapes
  • Custom UV print
  • Custom sleeve
  • Custom plastic color

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