Unique clamps made from 100% ocean-bound waste, recycled by Swiss company #tide.

The revolutionary material and the project won several global awards for social and ecological impact.


Main benefits:

  • It is a perfect solution for sealing hard and soft bags.
  • It promotes social and environmental responsibility.
  • The clamp is developed and manufactured in EU.
  • Its size makes it very convenient to store in a drawer.
  • Long lifespan of the clamp results in long-term brand exposure.
  • The customer sees your brand several times a day.
  • Every household needs at least 20 pieces.
  • It’s not available in retail.


Marketing effects:

  • Rewarding loyalty.
  • Accelerating sales.
  • Helping prospects decide where to make their next purchase.
  • Encouraging higher value purchases (e.g., over €20).
  • Long-term brand exposure in potential customers’ homes.


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