What is FlatScraper?

FlatScraper is eco-friendly multifunctional car tool and a perfect mass giveaway.

It can be used as an ice scraper, greeting card, snow showel, liquid funnel and tire tread indicator.

It is small and flat, so there’s no need to leave it in your snowed car, you can just put in in your pocket or bag.

Its innovative design and material result that FlatScraper adjust to the windscreen surface and does not damage glass and car paint. It’s safe, because it’s made with soft PP that becomes stronger when exposed below 0°C.

Registered design - application no. 004517084-0001.

FlatScraper’s features

  • 4 functionalities: ice scraper, liquid funnel, greeting card and tire tread indicator
  • Small & convenient for storage
  • Product dimensions: 85 mm x 165 mm x 1,2mm
  • Material: Recyclable PP, BPA free
  • Adjust to the windscreen surface
  • Safe - does not damage glass or car paint
  • Made in EU

Customization options

  • 1-4 color print on one side
  • Printable area: 85 mm x 165 mm
  • Custom plastic colors (transparent or solid colors)


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