What is Twistear

Twistear retractable headsets contain an innovative dual self-winding system which ensures your cables are always the perfect length and never get tangled.

You can separately set the length of the cable on the headphones side or on the connection side. This allows you to position Twistear precisely where you want it and no loose cables will show through your suit or obstruct your sporting activities.

After you stop using your headphones you can easily store them inside the case with the press of a button. While stored in the case the cables will never get tangled. 


Patented dual self-winding system.

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  • Dual self-winding system: patented solution
  • High quality headphones: for comfortable listening pleasure
  • Microphone: make high quality phone calls
  • Separate retractable cables: always achieve the perfect cable length
  • Modern design: with clip on system
  • Made in EU


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