What is Knife rest ring

A problem                

Having breakfast with family or preparing pancakes with friends. Most of the time different spreads are positioned in the middle of the table. How many knifes needs a family (4 people) using 3 different spreads? Where should they put the dirty knifes during a meal?

The solution – Knife rest ring

In order to tackle inconvenience at the kitchen table, we have developed a simple and cost effective solution. The Knife rest ring is a streamline utensil holder that can also “clean” the knife or spoon afterwards.  

How to use it

The user simply unscrews the cap and attaches Knife rest ring on the jar and original lid on top. The user only has to attach Knife rest ring once. When the jar is empty, Knife rest ring can be washed in the dishwasher and is ready for the next jar. 

Product is intellectual property of i4, d.o.o.



  • Holds and cleans all types of knifes.
  • Designed to clean also the spoons.
  • The user has to attach it just once.
  • Price effective product.
  • Ideal for spreads sales promotion.
  • Dishwasher friendly and reusable.
  • Custom logo in relief (tooling).

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