What is EFEKT showel

The EFEKT ergonomic shovel is the logical upgrade of the classic multi-purpose shovel.

The basic geometry of the shovel provides a healthier, more natural body posture and efficient controlduring shoveling, jabbing and overturning. A dynamically formed scooping part, designed to direct material towards the middle, enables you to pick up more material.

With the ergonomic EFEKT snow shovel, you will realize shoveling is much easier. It is suitable for various agricultural, garden or house work as well as removing snow.

The handle is the same for both shovels, so you can easily change the scoops during summer and winter.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Low weight
  • Special scoop design
  • Warm coated grip
  • High-impact resistant and durable
  • Hole for hanging

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