What is Re3bins

Waste separation has never been so simple and elegant! Re3Bins are very practical and specially designed for collection of paper, glass and plastic. Since Re3Bins are light and foldable they are also very convenient for travel with a motor homes, caravan or camping. Cover, side and bottom handles are designed for easy carrying and emptying. Set of 3 recycling bins conveniently packed in a carry bag.


  • Handles on the side  for easy carrying
  • Handle on the bottom for easy emptying
  • With cover waste is hidden from eye site and stays in the bin when carrying to the empty station 
  • Material is easy to clean, washable, environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • Colors blend into most interiors (custom designs available from 10.000 pcs)
  • Packaging allows direct shipping by post, with no extra packaging needed

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